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"Never inside, I didn't lie in my heart"

Monologue: Stanley to Stella.

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(This additional part of the play is important because it reveals a key part of how easily Stanley controls Stella and can convince her to believe him after a abusive event such as being hit. It reveals how weak Stella’s character really is and how Stanley manipulates her into believing what he says. It also sets up a conflict between Blanche and Stella because Blanche thinks Stella should be done with Stanley. Also begins the conflict between Blanche and Stanley because they are trying to hurt the other with their words and actions. It shows Stanley’s true character.)

Stanley: Stella… Come here. I am sorry for what I did tonight. I should have never hit you. It was completely wrong on my part and you don’t deserve treatment like that ever again. I just got a little too drunk tonight and lost control of myself and reacted in the totally wrong way. I love you so much Stella. Even in my rough and sometime hurtful moments I still love you. I know I may not be the best husband at all times but I try my best for you. Heck even your own sister thinks I’m a terrible man and husband. But I truly do care more for you than anything else in this world. You are my wife. My true love. You are going to be the mother of my child. I need you Stella. More than you know. You and I will be spending the rest of our lives together. No one and nothing will ever come between us. I know people are gonna question me and my actions, but as long as I still have you then nothing else matters to me at all. You have my word that what took place is a one time, single event that was a lack of control on my part and that will never happen again. You mean way more to me than some stupid poker game where I get too drunk and lose control. From now on I will be a better husband. A better person overall. Don’t let what Blanche has to say affect what you want. She is just jealous of what you have and she wishes to bring us apart. She can only dream to someday have what we have. She has been involved in failed marriages and relationships while we have maintained a strong and healthy relationship. She is gonna tell you to end things with me, that you deserve better, and all that foolish. You can’t believe her. She doesn’t know what is best you. We do though Stella. And that is for me and you to be together. We can’t make it without each other, we need each other to make it. Blanche wishes she had a husband like me that would love her but she won’t and can’t have one. So instead now that we have one problem, she is gonna try to ruin us. You must tell her that you still love me that we will stay together. She will have to learn to accept it. Once again I just want you to understand how sorry I am for the pain I caused you tonight. This will never happen again. Now when Blanche tells you to be done with me, you must tell her no, but that you love me and that we will make it. That we love each other and that tonight wasn’t a true showing of our love. We are gonna be fine. We have true love. Your sister wants what you have. Make sure she understands that clearly.

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